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Co-Opt Portal Company Guidelines

  • To enroll in the apprentice program, the company must complete all mandatory fields in the registration form. Additionally, they need to specify the number of apprentices they intend to hire.
  • Once the company submits their registration and expresses their interest in the program, the request is sent to the admin for approval.
  • After assessing the company profile, the admin has the authority to either approve or reject it and make any necessary adjustments, such as modifying the apprentice quota, before granting approval.
  • Once the company is approved for the apprentice program and able to login, the apprentice data is available to the company without the contact info of the apprentices.
  • The company can discover suitable apprentices by utilizing the available filters in the portal, including options such as name, major subjects, area of interest, programming languages, minimum test score, minimum CGPA, city, and degree.
  • Upon identifying and shortlisting the desired apprentice, the contact information of the apprentice becomes accessible to the company, facilitating the completion of the hiring process.
  • Following the shortlisting, the company has a 72-hour time window to finalize the hiring process, which includes sending the apprentice hire request.
  • Upon the apprentice's acceptance, the apprenticeship commences with the company.
  • Failure to take the apprentices on board within the 72 hours, the apprentice becoming available to other companies, as they will be removed from shortlisted candidates.